Wholesale Application

Carry Badge Bomb in your store!

Badge Bomb is sold in 1000's of retail locations worldwide and loved by shop owners who value quality, high margin, conscientious products. To apply for access to online wholesale ordering through our site, complete this form, but please take a moment to consider the following terms:

  • We review all requests for legitimacy, and it sometimes takes a few days.
  • We generally limit online sales of Badge Bomb products to specific accounts most often accompanied by a brick and mortar presence.
  • We do not allow ANY Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and similar third party marketplace reselling of Badge Bomb products in any circumstance, we will ignore your application. 
  • Displays are only available to approved wholesale accounts with the purchase of Badge Bomb products.  You can't buy just a display from us (we can't blame you for trying, they're pretty rad).
Already a Badge Bomb wholesale customer? Be sure to mention that in your notes, and you can always call or e-mail us and we’ll get you set up with online access right away. Thanks!