Sales Rep Cheat Sheet

Thanks for dropping in. If you can't find an answer here, feel free to email or call HQ at 503-233-8003. I *do* think you'll find an answer here!

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Wholesale Terms

  • Minimum Order: $150
  • Net 30 Minimum Order: $250
    • Net 30 Application required for terms.
    • this link automatically submits the form to us!
    • Opening order for new accounts must be pre-paid (credit card or PayPal)
  • Internet retail must be pre-approved by Badge Bomb
    • Etsy, Amazon & Ebay are prohibited by Badge Bomb
  • A la carte button orders must be prepaid with a credit card prior to production (this applies to the entire order containing individual buttons SKUs)
  • Orders ship from Portland, OR, 97206. Customers pay shipping.

Cool Badge Bomb Collection Links

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    Badge Bomb Selling Points

    • Low minimums + high margins, especially for buttons! Buy our buttons and magnets in pre-assorted bundles/boxes and get a discount!
    • Buttons + Magnets are USA made with recycled steel & paper. The metal comes from recycled soup can scraps!
    • Cards, Sticker Packs, + Big Stickers are all USA Made.
    • Enamel pins + Patches are imported, then packaged in our Portland Factory HQ.
    • We work with a roster of talented and highly marketable artists.

    Product Details & Pricing

    • Big Magnets, 2.25" Round
      • $1.95 each, 6 minimum per SKU, packaged loose
      • order 24 per SKU and get the bundle price: $1.75/magnet
      • Want more? Can be packaged in individual hang bags w/cards, upon request for $0.25 additional packaging fee
    • Magnet Bundles, 60 magnets
      • $105 per bundle, $1.75/magnet
        • that's a 10% discount built in!
      • packaged loose, tons of options to choose from!
    • Button Boxes - TWO sizes!
      • 120 assorted 1.25" buttons - $66 ($0.55 ea.)
      • 200 assorted 1" buttons - $110 ($0.55 ea.)
        • for both boxes, that's a 10% discount, built in! Individual buttons SKUs are $0.62/each, 20 minimum
      • Patches
        • $3 each, 6 minimum per SKU, affixed to cards
        • packaged without plastic when possible
      • Patch Boxes
        • $165 per box, $2.75 per patch
          • just about a 10% discount, built in!
        • packaged loose inside the box, saves on packaging!
      • Enamel Pins
        • $5 each, 6 minimum per SKU, affixed to cards in individual hang bags
      • Big Stickers
        • $1.75/each, 12 minimum
        • packaged loose, no UPC
      • Sticker Packs & Gift Labels (three sheets per pack)
        • $2.50 each
        • 6 minimum per SKU, packaged in hang bags
      • Magnet Packs! 4-packs of 1.25" magnets
        • limited availability!
        • $5 each, 4 minimum per SKU
        • packaged in hard plastic cases w/insert cards
      • Individual/a la carte Buttons
        • 10 minimum per SKU, takes 5-10 business days to process.
        • All orders containing a la carte buttons must be prepaid with credit card
      • Special requests: 
        • Looking for custom? We're not always able to accommodate custom requests so please email with details.

        Ship Time & Common Delays

        • Ship time: Orders take an average of 3-5 business days to ship
          • Orders w/loose buttons by SKU (a la carte) take TWO WEEKS to process and ship (a la carte buttons are made custom, not stocked in inventory)
        • Most common order delay is incomplete/incorrect billing info
          • Credit Cards: please include security code and name as printed on card
          • Net 30 terms: please have customer complete Net 30 app. The opening order must be pre-paid $250 minimum.

          Need anything else?


          Or call us at (503) 233-8003

          Or, fax us! Why not? (866) 209-5592

          THANK YOU for rocking Badge Bomb!